Astrology + Human Design Groundworks Session


In a 1.5 to 2-hour session, we uncover your life’s blueprint, or Groundworks as I like to call it. Afterwards, you’ll have some new, profound insights into your personality, innate talents, potential pitfalls, childhood conditioning, life cycles you’re moving through, subconscious behaviors & life purpose. If you want, I’ll give some practical tools to work with too. A week prior to our Groundworks session, we’ll have a (free) 30-min introductory call in which I’ll ask you to paint a picture of your life right now, so I can better meet you where you’re at.

This consultation will primarily focus on your natal Astrology horoscope and what it tells you about your life and personality. However, I will also weave in some of the main themes that I can deduct from your Human Design BodyGraph. Please note that I can’t zoom too much into your Human Design BodyGraph given the time we have together, however, we will certainly cover the essentials such as your type, strategy, authority, profile, and your (un)defined centers.

For detailed information about the nature of this consultation, please visit Grounding Green’s Services page.

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